Going Completely Fine In The Head

I sketched this up after spending alot of very difficult times in Los Angeles, trying to get some projects moving. I guess I’m just not pleased with thinking things will be fine, no matter how much those around might try to make a fine future sound like its gonna be great… Idunno, when you delve into your work, you want things to be fantastic or at least remarkablely jacked up in someway, but if I find myself living a life where things are just fine, I might go nuts. I’ve been fine before, and it ain’t pretty.

Going Completely Fine In the Head original sketch

The original drawaing from my journal

Going Completely Fine In the Head digital traced

I traced the image line for line using Flash. Dont laugh, I have my reasons.

Going Completely Fine In the Head with color

After base coloring in Flash, it almost looks more crazy than the final product.

almost done going completely fine in the head

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