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The Story- So way on back in 2005 after I finished my short film “Habitual Ritual” I wanted to take my knowledge for flashbased websites in a more creative and far less lucrative direction… Being a cartoonist!

I’ve always been an animator at heart, all the way back to focusing a bit too much attention on those little flip books you could make on the corners of any stickynote pad or school textbook to the days of Mario Paint where I spent alot of time making Mario-fied version of Star Trek movies. Course I broke a few camcorders experimenting with stop-motion in those days that followed the release of Nightmare Before Christmas.

jimmy as the bum in programmaticFlash opened up a lot of creative opportunities for amateurs like myself and professionals like the insanely talented Adam Phillips of Bitey Castle [link]. I went to my partner in prime, Jimmy “The Bum” Brennan and we started making plans for some big animation projects, but I had to work out some kinks first; like How to make it with the flash thingie I don’t know it is what?

Salad Fingers & Homestar were my favorite online toons at the time, and still are. And back in those days it wasn’t such a concern of your content being stolen, because it hadn’t happened much… till I came along and downloaded all their flashes and stripped them like a sad bunch of unlocked cars on the west side. And then thereby Salad Fingers vs Homestar Runner (or Homestar Runner vs Salad Fingers) was then did get born.

This cartoon consists of their own actual flash graphics re-animated, and the actual voices from the cartoons spliced to suit our plot. If you’re clever you can find the episodes we took everything from.

Lookie here, it’s a flash cartoon with a play button! Remember thems?

Splicing the audio clips together was pretty time-consuming and filtering out the music or sounds playing behind the dialogue came with its own challenges. (I should also add that Salad Fingers never properly responds to anyone’s talking because he is, as always, only hearing static) But I kept animating it from beginning to end while my brother plugged away at giving me usable content. All in all this was a completed trip after about 4 weeks, including time away at our dayjobs. We have both used our lessons learned from this in individual and joint projects. Ever seen my animated Oingo Boingo music video? [YOUTUBE LINK] Speaking of Lessons Learned…

the cheat attacking salad fingersLessons Learned- Well this was all an experiment so tons of lessons were learned. Flash in 24fps is a whole different world from 12fps. Don’t use jpegs. Animating is easy if you love it. It’s “homsar” not “homesar”. People have short attention spans on the internet (we got lots of complaints about the runtime when we released this) Not sure how much I will adhere to that lesson when I release Blacktop Lore.



bubs reading an x men comic bookDidjano- This short is full of little snippets of fandom, Edward Scissorhands makes an appearance (him being the more innocent version of Salad Fingers in my mind). Score from Amelie, Eternal Sunshine & Fight Club are pretty easy to audio-spot. Bubs is reading an X-Men comic. There’s a rusty spoon in the King of Town’s kitchen, on the floor. The Woods Salad Fingers wanders through are a hybrid of Homestar & Salad Finger woods. The easiest bit of dialogue to splice together was also the most elaborate; when the Cheat reveals the plan to screw a picture of the Eiffel Tower to Homsar’s head. You can see the hand of Starfleet officer in the prop trunk along with several other items taken from the useful resources at
The video on youtube is from a very bad videocapture program, hence the lingering body parts. (finally a good explanation for lingering body parts)  [YOUTUBE LINK]. Back in those days it took a lot of brainpower to get something 10mb on the web to share with people anonymously. Since neither Dave Firth or the Bros Chaps have come after me for making this video I guess its ok to come clean with it. Short of getting a letter from lawyers I would be really interested in their thoughts on it. I sent it to them both years ago but got no response.

Your Turn- I mentioned 3 awesome films that were represented here with their score. There’s a brief bit of score from another amazing film towards the beginning, did you catch it? Also did you spot another popular webtoon delivering some classic internet memetry?

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  1. I didn’t know about the x-men comic, you sneaky geek.

    January 30, 2012 at 8:08 am

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